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How to Apply For A Grant

The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation supports organizations located in and serving the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania metropolitan area. As a general rule, the Foundation does not consider applications outside the Philadelphia region.

The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation has a preference for supporting projects that address significant problems in new ways and that have the potential to be replicated by others, both locally and nationally. Organizations receiving funding typically have strong track records, a Board-approved strategic plan, and exceptional volunteer and staff leadership. The Foundation generally does not provide operating support, preferring instead to support special projects and innovative programs that can make a significant difference in the organization's future and that of its constituents.

The Foundation does not have an application form. Instead, Philadelphia-area organizations should write a letter describing the program or programs for which funding is being sought.

The letter should include:

• An overall organizational description
• A description of the problem to be addressed
• The program’s goals and objectives
• The number and description of people who will be affected by the program
• The amount and sources of other funding being sought
• A description of how the program’s results will be measure

Attachments to the letter should include:

• A budget for the parent organization with the program budget shown separately
• A copy of the organization’s most recent 501 (3) letter from the Internal Revenue Service, establishing the organization’s standing to receive charitable contributions under applicable IRS regulations
• A list of references and program contacts with telephone numbers, who may be contacted by the Foundation during the evaluation process
• A copy of the organization’s most recent annual report or audited financial statement
• Any additional information that may support the grant proposal

An appropriate representative of the organization, such as the president, executive director or other officer, should sign the application.

The application letter should be addressed to:

Ms. Susan Hufnagel
The Albert M. Greenfield Foundation
P.O. Box 30267
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Grant applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. The Foundation’s Board of Directors generally meets three times a year. Applications are accepted at any time. Applicants will be informed of the Foundation’s decision following the meeting at which a proposal is considered.

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